Every year, approximately 300 students depart from Aruba to study abroad. It’s an immense happening all over the island as parents and relatives prepare to wish their loved ones all the best on their new journey abroad.

As exciting as the month of August is for students looking forward to living abroad, it’s not enough. The unknown of what they are about to experience in their new country is what inspired the founding of Phryme Magazine; to be able to share the stories of these students.


With the first issue launching in August of 2017, Phryme Magazine is available digitally online and is completely for free. In each issue, readers are able to read the stories of the Aruban students who are living abroad. The mission is to provide a quality publication with factual information that is interesting and eye-catching regarding expatriate students from Aruba to the world. The English language was chosen for the publication with the goal of making Phryme widely understood by the world.

The platform is created by a team of competent volunteers, who devote their time and skills to produce a high-quality product. With a new issue launching every three months, Phryme Magazine is determined to become the leading source of information for current and prospective students from Aruba. Phyme Magazine is available in English, making it widely comprehensible for nearly everyone in the world.

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